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How do you know if you have hepatitis C?

To find out whether anyone has viral hepatitis, you should:
- Find out whether he has the symptoms of hepatitis
- To detect the presence of hepatitis virus in the body
Depending on the form of viral hepatitis and the times of its flow, may occur certain symptoms and becomes positive or negative the analysis.
Signs and symptoms of hepatitis
Symptoms of hepatitis reflect mainly the liver damages and dysfunction.
The most common symptoms of developing hepatitis include:
- Weakness and fatigue
- Loss of appetite
- Nausea
- Heaviness or discomfort in the abdomen (on the right, where the liver is located)
- Dark-colored urine
- Change the color of stool (becoming bright)
- Jaundice
The symptoms listed above are presented in chronological order. This means that jaundice (changes in skin, eyes and tongue color) in acute hepatitis appears the latest, when the patient's state of health improves. The period before the onset of jaundice (icterus) is called pre-jaundiced (prodromal). Icterus in the usual sense is one of the synonyms of hepatitis, but may be caused by other reasons.
The symptoms of chronic hepatitis
Chronic hepatitis B and C are characterized by mild symptoms and even their prolonged absence. The most typical are: prolonged weakness and fatigue, asthenic syndrome.
Sometimes chronic hepatitis is noticed only when were developed irreversible consequences as liver fibrosis or even liver cancer.
Terrible consequences of chronic viral hepatitis is a liver cirrhosis may be manifested as aggravation of the patient's condition, the development of jaundice and the appearance of ascites (abdominal enlargement). It may develop in hepatic encephalopathy - brain damage with violation of its activities.
Often, chronic hepatitis is detected by chance during the examination of other diseases or after ordinary medical examination.
Analyses which indicate the ongoing changes in the liver
Basic analyzes, which show the changes occurring in the liver - bilirubin and liver enzymes (primarily - ALT). In hepatitis caused by any damaging factor, these parameters are rising.
Certain laboratory tests indicate damaging processes in the liver (liver function tests), others vice versa - the insufficiency of its functions (e.g., reduction of the proteins synthesized in the liver).From the combination of different analyze's results can be characterized the degree of the liver function disorders. Some analyzes and tests are the deciding factor when choosing a therapy.
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