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Uncovering the Secrets of Coconut
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You will hardly discover a man or woman who has not been told about the advantages of applying coconuts. Coconut oil, water and also milk possess lots of advantages. They are traditionally used in food cooking and cosmetic medicine and plenty of folks are aware of this. Yet, only a few folks already know where as well as exactly how cocoanuts grow. What's more, only plant scientists can tell if coco is actually a seed or fruit. Let's talk about some exciting facts about cocoanuts. Cocoanut is a fibroid one seeded drupaceous fruit growing and maturating on a coco palm. Coconuts that people buy in a supermarket have little in common with coconuts growing and maturating on the coco palm. A ripe coco has got Three layers: smooth greenish skin (exocarp ), fibrous husk (mesocarp), plus endocarp - a hard woody layer which surrounds the seed. Cocoanuts available at supermarkets come with the last third - endocarp. You may find much more info at LINK http://www.coconut-info.net/general/coconut_crab.php
Форум » Реклама » Ваша реклама » Uncovering the Secrets of Coconut
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